Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not the Jeans, but Almost as Good

Scarf as belt

Shirt and pants: LOFT
Cardigan and shoes: Target
Scarf as belt, necklace, and earrings: Inherited from grandmother
Bracelet: Gift from Cary

As you can see, I opted not to wear my jeans again. It was a hard decision because I was sad when I took them off last night. My mom says that when I was little, I slept in my patent leather Mary Janes because I was so happy wearing them, so apparently I haven't changed at all in the last 25 or so years.

What I am wearing is a pair of pants that didn't fit a month ago, and does now. Yay! I felt inspired by their navy color, so I added Breton striped espadrilles and a nautical scarf as a belt. Unfortunately, you can't see them very well in the pictures, because the early morning rainy day light was weird and washed everything out. Hopefully tomorrow will be sunnier. I'm not in love with these pictures, but the outfit was nice, and I'm one day closer to being able to wear my jeans again. All is good.


  1. Congrats on fitting into the jeans again! That's such a good feeling, right? Also, those shoes are so cute!

    North Meets South

  2. I love the scarf as a belt! And I say there's no shame in wearing those Gap jeans of yours over and over, they're cute!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets


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