Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the 50s (and the Over-50s)

I realize now why every blogger uses this pose: you don't have to worry about your facial expression at all.

Dress: ModCloth
Cardigan and tights: Target
Shoes: LOFT
Pin: Inherited from great-grandmother
Bracelet: Gift from aunt? I think?
Earrings: Thrifted

I was feeling quite retro when I got dressed this morning. This dress is actually bright purple, not blue like it looks in the pictures, and cut in very flattering 50s A-line. I love styles from the 50s and 60s (I have a fantastic springy 60s dress that I pulled out of the dress-up box at Cary's aunt's house that I can't wait to wear again), so I always feel pretty in dresses like this. The pin may be from around the same era - it was my great-grandmother's, which could place it anywhere from the 30s to the early 90s. It looks pretty retro to me though. Here's a closer look:

So yeah, this was an outfit that I enjoyed wearing, although Cary pointed out that I was wearing Red Hat Lady colors. Which, after meeting our friend at the Clock, may not be a bad thing. Hey, I like red, and I like hats. Other than being 75 years old, I think those are the main qualifications. Apparently they have a junior branch for women under 50 called the Pink Hat Society. Sign me up.


  1. Cute outfit, I love that the dress ties at the waist! :)


  2. Thanks! I love it too - the tie at the waist would be flattering on anyone, I think.


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