Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take Me Seriously, Corporate America

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Academia: Yesterday was a pretty typical day for me. A student got suddenly ill in class and I took her to the doctor. I got frustrated and nearly lost patience with a student who came to see me about his eight bajillionth traffic violation (seriously, dude, just obey the law). I took a group of students to orientation at a hotel where they will be doing volunteer internships. I happened across a fair trade store on my way home and bought my grandma a birthday present. You know. Normal stuff.

Sartorial: This is not the most exciting outfit I've ever worn, but I had the orientation at the hotel and all of the hotel people dress like this. I originally had on leggings and a tunic, which were way more fun and comfortable but didn't seem like "take me seriously, corporate America" clothes. I wasn't jazzed about the decision to change, but when the students were told in orientation that they should dress up, I felt good about setting a decent example for them.

Today I'm taking a student to an orientation at a bed and breakfast, so it's definitely leggings o'clock. B&B people are so chill. Note to self: you are too old to say anything is chill. But I'm getting ahead of myself. More on that tomorrow!

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