Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nothing to Note


Academia: So I'm racking my brain trying to think of anything interesting I did in this dress. I mean, there were interesting things: I talked to my doctor on the phone, Cary and I went to the marriage class we're taking at church, but none of that is really sharing-details-on-the-blog-appropriate. So y'all will just have to be bored today. Sorry. I'm going to Epcot on Friday, so I promise I'll have more interesting stories soon.

Sartorial: I know the French pigtails don't scream "I'm a college administrator," but I just love wearing them. My hair feels so adorable in them, and it stays out of my face all day. And I liked them with my comfy dress and shoes too; it was a rainy day, I stayed up too late last night, and it was just the right kind of nondescript day to be cozy and have cute hair.

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