Friday, October 14, 2011

"Fall" in the South

Academia: I'm taking the day off today (Epcot Food and Wine Festival, yay!), and yesterday was the kind of easy day that segues so wonderfully into a long weekend. I started the day with a good doctor's appointment, and then I spent the afternoon out of the office - working, just not at my desk. Besides being out enjoying the sunshine, it was nice not have to nag anyone all afternoon. I was thoroughly relaxed by the time I got home, an unusual feeling for the end of a work day. It was very nice.

Sartorial: Today's visual Friend Friday is hosted by Iris of 260 Days No Repeats, and the assignment is to dress in a quintessentially "fall" outfit. Here in the Deep South, fall happens for about three weeks in December, definitely not October. It's still in the mid-80s in October, and that's a huge improvement over September, when it was in the mid-90s. By mid-October, we're all sick of being hot and we're ready to wear fall clothes, but the weather just won't catch up. So for me, a quintessentially "fall" outfit is like this one: it looks cozy and warm, but the blouse is paper-thin and the pants are very breathable, so I can stay cool while pretending I live in a state that has all four seasons. Seasons we actually have: A Sauna in Hell, What New Englanders Consider Summer, and January.

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