Thursday, August 4, 2011

Steel Magnolia

Skirt, Brian's Etsy Shop 

Do not incur the wrath of a steel magnolia.

Academia: My opportunities for badassery at work just keep on coming. Today I found out that one of my student's neighbors has been harassing her as she walks to and from her apartment. Not like run-of-the-mill catcalls. More like "you deserve to be slapped for even thinking that and your mother would be ashamed of you." But rather than slap him myself, she and I called the cops, who went with us to her apartment.

I was so ready for the officer to kick in that guy's door. I had my Indiana Jones face-melting skills ready to go. But unfortunately, he wasn't there, so no faces were melted today. The officer told the student to call if it happens again, though, so I'm holding out hope that this jerk will at least have the bejesus scared out of him, if not actually have a melted face.

Sartorial: It's such a cliche to refer to Southern women as steel magnolias, but I really honestly felt like one today. My clothes made me look very ladylike, and the events of the day made me feel like Jason Bourne. I could have blessed someone's heart while punching them in the face, I felt so steel magnolia-ish. Do not mess with my students, y'all. Bless your heart.

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