Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragon Lady

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Academia: My experiences today ranged from medical emergency to long meetings to cuddling a baby. It was quite a varied day. I had my normal classes (except no one came to my 7:45 class... glad I woke up early for y'all). I served on a scholarship interview committee. I had a meeting about how to deal with the crazy absences we've had this semester. And then, in the middle of my meeting, a student passed out in class and the EMTs came, so I needed to handle that (the student is fine now, but it was a scary few minutes).

And then I came home, and our friend Ashley was here with her new baby A., which was lovely because I love babies and Ashley is the kind of wonderful mom who is happy for friends to hold A., and doesn't rush over to take him from you when he fusses. And A. is so precious, I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks. It was a great end to a kind of hectic day.

Sartorial: I came out of the bedroom in this outfit this morning, and Cary and I had the following conversation:

Cary: You look really teacherish today, but, um, not exactly teacherish. You look like...
Me: A hot teacher?
Cary: Exactly.

Yay. "Hot teacher" is always a nice thing to be. Cary said I reminded him of the Dragon Lady, Theo Huxtable's hot/strict teacher on the Cosby Show. The link is for my international readers; I fully expect that any American readers over the age of 25 know what I'm talking about. If you click the link, go to 2:07 to see her transform from Hot Lady to Dragon Lady. I was feeling very sexy as I headed out the door, although when my dorkiness took over and I said, "I'm a Dragon Lady! Raaaaar!" that kind of ended.

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