Friday, June 10, 2011



Academia: The reason I'm posting so late tonight is that we drove down to my parents' house right after work to surprise my dad for his birthday, which is on Sunday. Happy birthday, Daddy! Before all the driving, I walked across campus for my last day subbing, and I interviewed potential assistants, whom I will share with our admissions officer and office manager. So it was quite a varied day, and I'm very happy to be hanging out with my parents this evening.

Sartorial: Today was kind of tricky to dress for, since I had to take walking across campus in the heat, conducting interviews, and driving three hours into consideration. I ended up wearing this outfit for most of the day, but changed into dressier shoes for the interviews. I had some clever things to say about my outfit, but it's 10:30 and my old lady brain is falling asleep. More on Monday, I promise.

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