Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turnabout Is Fantastic

Jeans, Shoes, Earrings

Academia: Today did not get off to a great start. My day began with a fairly invasive and uncomfortable doctor's appointment, then segued to a frustrating situation with a student's medical records that was completely the result of miscommunication within campus medical staff. I was hating today pretty hard. Then I came home and found this:

This my birthday present from Cary! My birthday isn't for another 11 days, but we'll be in California and I couldn't have "opened" my present on my actual birthday. Cary knew I had a hard day, so he decided that today was Birthday Present Day. I have never been a fan of the dining room chairs that my mom passed down to me (and she passed them down because she wasn't a fan either), so Cary and Brian have been working on repainting and recovering these for a couple of weeks. I love them. I love mismatched chairs in general, and I love the bright colors of these. I'm sitting in the fancy green one right now. After I exclaimed over the chairs, we went to dinner at my favorite pizza place. Aren't y'all jealous of how awesome my husband is? I'm almost jealous of myself.

Sartorial: These jeans have become the security blanket of my wardrobe. I knew I would have this doctor's appointment this morning, so I grabbed the clothes that make me comfortable, physically and emotionally. And then I was perfectly dressed for pizza and beer, so it all worked out. For a day that started so rough, it ended wonderfully.

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