Friday, May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Y-O-U-R Means "Your"

T-shirt, Jeans, Earrings

It's Friday again, which means another set of Friend Friday questions. Let me quickly go through the Academia/Sartorial sections, and then we'll get straight to the good stuff: talking about blogging pet peeves.

Academia: Today is going to be a short day at work and a long day in the car for me. Cary and I are heading three hours south to the wedding of a young woman who was my junior counselor when I was a camp counselor in college. We're pretty excited because we met and got married at that summer camp, and the wedding tomorrow is in the next town over. We're going to spend the night at the hotel where we had our reception (and where, Cary points out, we've never actually stayed together, unless you count separate rooms on opposite ends of the hotel the night before our wedding as "together"), and we're going to see lots of camp friends. I'll post outfit pictures on Sunday.

Sartorial: Still not tired of the jeans. Glad to know y'all aren't either. I really like them with this t-shirt. I feel like the grown-up version of the cast of ET. I almost wore my Chucks just to drive the early-80s point home, but sandals are easier to take off in the car.

On to the questions! Or rather, the list of my blogging pet peeves. Honestly, I don't have that many. But here are the ones I do have, in no particular order:
  1. Misspellings and bad grammar/punctuation. I know that blogs are informal and that everyone, including me, falls victim to typos every now and then. But habitual errors bother me. I'ma let my buddy Ross Geller break it down for you. Seriously, "I'ma?" "Break it down?" Who am I?
  2. A billion pictures of other people's outfits, none of your own. This is really just a personal preference, but I can go to the mall and look at what designers and retailers have put together. What I want to see is what you put together, because you are a lot more interesting.
  3. Music. I like music. But I don't like having to turn your music off when I visit your blog, especially when I'm surreptitiously looking at blogs at work. A sudden blast of "I Hope You Dance" makes people stop and look in my office to see what's going on. And then I have to pretend I'm writing an important email. So please, no music.
  4. Everything you're wearing costs more than $100, and it was all free because you're a super-awesome, super-successful blogger. I'm just jealous and wish I had free clothes. It's not your fault. Keep doing your thing, and I'll try to be a grown-up about it.
  5. Buttons out the wazoo. Buttons are fun. But when it's hard to find other features of your blog because there are so many buttons, you start to look like the internet equivalent of a college girl who only ever wears the t-shirts from her sorority's latest party or weekend away. Those shirts are fine in moderation, as are buttons. But with too many of either, it seems like you're really desperate for people to know you participate in stuff. This has to do with the organization of your homepage as well. If you have a lot of buttons but keep them all in one place and it's easy for me to see other features, I don't even notice that they're there.
So there you have it. And let me disclaim: if I've ever commented on your blog, you don't do these things and I'm not talking about you. All y'all are fabulous.

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