Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Look Like Teacher

T-shirt: LOFT
Pants: LOFT outlet
Cardigan and shoes: Target
Glasses: Coach
Belt: Vintage from consignment shop
Pin: Inherited from great-grandmother

Good news: I did not get a speeding ticket today. I did pay a fun visit to the Clerk of Court to pay my ticket from yesterday, but it was just too much fun to put into words so I won't even try. Sorry, y'all. My visit did help inspire today's outfit, in that I tried to look like a respectable, responsible adult, rather than a speed demon criminal. I even wore my glasses, which are my most respectable and responsible accessory. And I think it all worked, because when I went to class, my students had a lot to say about my clothes.

My class is a low-level, beginning English class, and almost entirely male. This conversation happened between a 50ish dad from South America and two young guys from the Middle East. Here it is (with names changed, of course):

Gustavo: Emily, you choose clothes well.
Me: Thank you!
Mohammad: Why you wear glasses?!
Me: Ummm...
Ahmed: You look like teacher. Your glasses.
Me: I am teacher, so that's good.
Gustavo: No really, you look very nice. You always look nice.
Me: Thanks again. So... let's start class now, okay?

Such are the fragmented conversations my class has. This is pretty typical: people shouting out random comments, usually in English, that are not always totally connected to what anyone else has already said. When you only know this much English, you just have to say whatever you're able to. I was pretty impressed that this group of guys had noticed that I was wearing clothes at all, much less were able to discuss it.

Do y'all get random comments on your clothes? What's the most random thing anyone has said about them?


  1. HA! I adore teaching ESL. We had amazing conversations about my clothes when I taught ESL as well, which was even more interesting because most of my students were Saudi (and therefore not used to seeing a woman's face, not to mention having a woman in a position of authority).

    But I do concur...I like your glasses! And not just because they make you look like a teacher. :)

  2. A big chunk of my students are Saudi too, and I'm always surprised at what they have to say, usually in a good way. I went to a birthday party for one of the female Saudi students tonight, and it was coed, which surprised me, and they taught me how to belly dance, which REALLY surprised me! They were like, "Go home and do this for your husband!" I love love love working with international students - it's something new every day.

  3. Oh you're a teacher - that is fantastic! And you look great doing it too!


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