Monday, April 25, 2011

Siren Call


I bet this outfit is not exactly what you expected when you read the title of this post, is it? The truth is, I casualed out today after spending most of this past weekend dressed up for Easter. On Saturday, I wore a sundress to Cary's family's Easter dinner, and yesterday, I wore pretty much exactly the same thing as I wore on Friday. So today, after all that dressing up, and on the first student-free half-day of the between-semester break, I couldn't resist the siren call of my jeans and sneakers.

Is this my most creative outfit ever? No. Am I wearing these jeans for approximately the 87th time since I bought them a month ago? Yes. But I was comfy for the office work I had to do today, and I felt cool. (Not temperature cool though - it was 90 degrees here today, yuck.) I promise I'll wear something more interesting tomorrow.

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