Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Day of School


Today was the last day of class for this semester, and the day when all my grades were due for my ESL classes. And since it's the end of the semester, this week has also been the week for people with problems who want my help solving them RIGHT NOW. Everyone with a toothache, cancelled flight, petty disagreement with their roommate, or weird rash has been in my office from the time I arrive until the time I see a chance to escape and flee to my car all week, leaving me no time to grade anything. I had to go in at 8:00 this morning and lock myself in my office to get it all done. Add in the fact that I had a job interview on Monday, and I'm surprised I'm not passed out at my desk right now, with a group of students throwing a battering ram at my office door.

So for today, I wanted an outfit with minimal thinking required. Yay for dresses, the insta-outfit. This dress is pretty warm, so I think this will be its last outing until late fall. I'm glad I got one more wear in today. I also stuck my toe into the pool of color blocking - you see how my shoes are yellow, my bracelet is orange, and my necklace is coral? I think that counts as very subtle color blocking, don't you? Maybe someday I will progress to actual articles of clothing being color blocked, not just accessories. But that is for a day with better functioning neurons, and that day was just not today.

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