Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Honeymooners

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No, the title of this post is not a veiled reference to Cary's threats to beat the crap out of me, a la Ralph Kramden on the classic TV show "The Honeymooners." Oh, '50s TV viewers and the crazy things you thought were funny. Domestic violence, ha ha.

No, this post is called "The Honeymooners" because this dress was my going-away dress at my wedding. We were driving three hours after our reception, so I couldn't wear my wedding dress for our big exit from the party. Not that I would have wanted to - that sucker was a two-piece behemoth that looked beautiful but actually left bruises on my hips from the weight of the skirt. So I bought this comfortable, summery white dress from Old Navy and it has served me well for almost five years. And I think about my wedding when I wear it, which makes me happy. You can see in these pictures that I'm actually glowing, which has everything to do with how in love I am and nothing to do with taking pictures shortly after sunrise, or being so white that I actually reflect the light of the sun like Edward Cullen.

Not that I know who Edward Cullen is or anything. I didn't read all four Twilight books back-to-back like a person starving for words and then wonder who I was and when I had turned into someone who read a book in which a baby vampire bites its way out of its mother's uterus, OMG. No, I've just heard that Edward Cullen might be kind of pale and sparkly. Just heard, that's all.

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