Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Blues

Jeans, shoes 

I am not very adventurous with my makeup choices, but last weekend I strayed from my normal routine to buy Cover Girl's new eyeshadow that is supposed to complement your eye color. My eyes are blue, and I've always heard that you shouldn't wear blue eyeshadow with blue eyes, but one of the colors (of four) in this eyeshadow regimen is blue, and I actually love it. My eyes look bigger and bluer than normal, which is awesome because my eyes are already fairly big and blue.

My mom got a little freaked out by these giant eyes staring at her the night she brought Baby Me home from the hospital.
So inspired by eyeshadow, today I went all blue. My new favorite blue jeans, this teal shirt, my turquoise necklace from Turkey (did you know that turquoise derives the French word for Turkish? Fun fact of the day!), and this blue-flowers-and-birds scarf as a belt. Does this count as color blocking? I want to be on-trend, but I think it's probably not color blocking if one of the colors is jeans.

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