Wednesday, March 23, 2011

White Heat

You can't really see the ruffles on the front of this shirt in the other pictures, so here they are!
Blouse: LOFT
Pants: Anthropologie via consignment shop
Shoes: Target
Scarf: Inherited from grandmother
Earrings: Bazaar in Turkey
Bracelet: Gift from Cary

There's a lot of white going on here. There's this white blouse that I would wear more often if ironing the ruffles weren't such a pain in the butt. The pants are actually white with grayish-blue pinstripes, but they photograph white. And then there's my skin, which will never be tan no matter how many Southern summers I live through. Add in the fact that daylight savings has put the sun in exactly the brightest spot for picture-taking before work, and and there's just a lot of white going on here.

I like it though. I felt a little vacationy all day, especially with the nautical scarf and the wedges. And I was cool, which is important, as the Deep South is already inching toward summer. It was 85 degrees today - a little warm for March, but not too far out of the realm of normal. My poor students keep complaining about how hot it is. Bless their hearts, they don't even know.


  1. Today, it snowed, sleeted and freezing-rained. Looking at your beautiful summery outfit is making me incredibly jealous.

  2. I'm sorry! In August, when it's 95 degrees and 100% humidity, I'll be jealous of you :) Down here we call weather like today "payoff weather," as in, the payoff for having to live in a sauna 9 months out of the year.


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