Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Uniform Policy

Blouse: LOFT
Skirt: Anthropologie via tiny consignment shop near campus
Cardigan: Vintage, childhood gift from older lady at church
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Brian Moody

The yellow shoes made an encore appearance today. That's usually how I do with new shoes - I wear them with everything until I get over my initial infatuation. This is my "how many outfits will these go with?" stage. Bear with me; I'm pretty sure these shoes will keep reappearing for a while.

I feel so retro in my $24 Anthropologie skirt. I wore it with a pink top and gray cardigan on its first outing, so today I decided to remix it a little. I liked the end result - the simple white blouse and vintage cardigan made it feel very 50s to me (one of my favorite fashion eras), and the yellow shoes kept it modern by not being matchy-matchy. I think that if I had a uniform, this would be it: a-line skirt, tucked-in blouse, cardigan, and flats. In the summer, just subtract the cardigan. Since our summer in the Deep South lasts from May to Thanksgiving, I'm going to wear the crap out of my cardigans while I can.


  1. Love the fifties skirt vibe. And your hubby sounds so sweet. Lucky gal. ; )

  2. So jealous of that great skirt--what a find!


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