Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jeans and Genes

Shirt and shoes: Target
Jeans: Levi's 545s via JC Penney
Tank top: Old Navy
Scarf and necklace: Inherited from grandmother
Bracelet: Gift from Cary

After all the skirt-wearing I've done this week, today felt like a jeans-and-button-down day. Jessica at Monster Cakes talked about this yesterday - flip-flopping between girly-girl and simple jeans and a shirt. I think everyone, with the possible exception of Barbie, does this. And there's probably a theme Barbie for dressing down, like "I Haven't Shaved My Legs Barbie" or "I'm Tired of Dressing Up Barbie."

To make this a little more interesting than jeans and a shirt, I added the yellow shoes (again - just go with it, y'all) and multicolored scarf I inherited from my fashionista grandmother, who was at various points in her career a model, a hotel manager, and a women's boutique manager. When she passed away last year, I got several dozen of her scarves and quite a bit of her jewelry. She had so many accessories that my mom, my aunt, my sister and I were all able to take what we wanted, and there was still a lot leftover. She was always stylish and I think about her when I blog. I think she would have enjoyed seeing this.

Finally, my good friend Brian Moody, whose jewelry I have been wearing on here for a week or so, got his Etsy shop set up! Yay! You can see it here. I'll start linking to it whenever I wear his jewelry from now on. Yay Brian!

Grandmama and me, circa 1988. She was in her 60s, and look how chic!

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  1. Oh my - I know Grandmama is laughing with tears of joy right now!


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