Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Hair, Legionnaire

Tunic: LOFT outlet
Leggings and belt: Target
Sandals: Tiny boutique in Melk, Austria
Earrings: Missions fair at First Lutheran Church of My Town

So first, new hair! I'm not sure how different it looks to y'all, but it's all one length now (better for growing out), and I have bangs. Bangs! Fun! I'm planning to grow it out another couple of inches, so it's in a bob just a little past my chin, rather than the super-short bob it's in right now. I'm psyched about changing it up, and I'm loving the bangs. Why I haven't had bangs in 15 years, I don't know.

Now about the outfit. I wore almost exactly the same thing three weeks ago, except with boots. The difference in shoes makes the outfit feel different to me though. This seems to be a day of tiny perceived differences for me. With the boots, I felt like Robin Hood or Peter Pan. With the sandals, I feel like a Roman legionnaire (I originally wanted to say Roman centurion, but legionnaire rhymes with new hair, and the Roman legion is/was a thing, right?). So clearly, this tunic and these leggings will be my go-to outfit for any costume party in the foreseeable future, because they make me feel very swashbuckling. All I need is a sword, a bow and arrow, a plumed helmet, or hell, just some dirt on my face.


  1. The bangs suit you!
    I can see just what you mean about looking Robin Hood and Romanesque. But both of those looks are great on you!
    The Auspicious Life

  2. I LOVE the bangs! You look amazing! And I love that outfit. You don't look costumey at all--you look cute!

  3. Thanks, Jessica! I just started reading your blog and I love it. I'm so glad you visited mine today!


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