Friday, March 4, 2011

House Party

T-shirt: LOFT
Jeans: Levi's 545s
Blazer: Gap
Shoes: TOMS
Necklaces: Bead for Life (Katogo Long, doubled, and Katogo Short)
Earrings: Bazaar in Turkey

Today is the Friday before spring break. Not for me, unfortunately, because there's a new group of students arriving on Monday, but my students will have next week off. I knew campus was going to feel very relaxed today - it's 75 degrees and everyone's brain is already at the beach - so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to dress down.

I was supposed to have a meeting this afternoon, so I added the blazer to fancy it up a little. The meeting didn't happen because I had to take a sick student to the doctor, but at least I looked good for the walk-in clinic. The doctor wasn't handsome and didn't have a cane, but since he chastised my student for not having a primary care physician or using his inhaler properly, I could only assume I was in the presence of Dr. House. Turns out he's not as much fun in person as on TV. You know who would be fun to meet though? Agent Booth from Bones. If I ever find a skeleton laying around, I'll have my fingers crossed that he's who the FBI sends.


  1. So you don't have a Spring Break at all? Or just not next week?
    Good thing you have that blazer on. What if your Agent Booth WAS there? You never know who you'll see when you get dressed in the morning. Be prepared for anything, right?

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I don't have a spring break at all. The whole university has it next week, but my department is bringing in a new group of international students during that time, so I have to be there to help them register, find apartments, etc. I won't have to teach during the week though, since all my students will be on vacation.


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