Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mondays

T-shirt: Old Navy
Pants and necklace: LOFT outlet
Jacket: LOFT
Sneakers: Converse All-Stars
Bracelet: Folklorico in Savannah, Georgia
Earrings and scarf: Inherited from grandmother

I was feeling very Mondayish today. Some contributing factors were:
  1. Stayed up late for the Oscars (which was pretty un-entertaining for the amount of time I put in)
  2. Forgot my haircut appointment last week and now my hair is way too long and I can't get it cut until Wednesday
  3. Had to go to the dentist this afternoon
  4. Spent the last two weeks washing linens from a departed group of students and now my own laundry is only half-done
All of these things made me want to stay in sweatpants, but since that wasn't possible, I went for the next best thing: boyfriend pants, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Hell, even my eyes felt lazy today; I couldn't get up the energy to put in contacts, so I stuck with glasses. Overall, I was very comfy and kind of wished I could dress like this every day. And actually, I have a colleague who wears cargo shorts even in the winter, so dressing like this every day doesn't seem like too much of a reach. Sweatpants might be though.

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