Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Transitional Clothes

Academia: Check-in week for the spring is in full swing, and check-in fatigue + pregnancy fatigue is probably going to = short posts this week. I wore this outfit on Friday to prep for this week. I remember it being a busy day, but for the life of me I can't remember what I did. So, moving on.

Sartorial: My mom bought me a bunch of transitional clothes for Christmas this year (like this lovely pink blouse), for which I'm feeling more and more grateful every day. I'm not big enough for maternity clothes yet, but none of my pants and blouses fit quite the same anymore either. I feel like this belly just came out of nowhere - on Friday, I could barely squeeze myself into these jeans (thank goodness for the loose shirt), and yesterday, I couldn't get a pair of baggy boyfriend pants buttoned up.

I'm glad because if I'm growing, that means the baby's growing, but I'm not sure how getting dressed is going to go for the next month or so. Right now, I have a bunch of rubber bands and belts and long loose shirts on hand to make my pre-pregnancy clothes go as far as possible, but I'd say I have about four more weeks before I need to go shopping. Which y'all can imagine I'm really broken up about. You know how much I hate shopping.

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