Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comfort Ninja


Academia: I'm still sick, but I dragged myself to work yesterday anyway. Luckily, our receptionist had taped a note to my office door saying that I was sick on Monday, so the students all asked me if I was feeling better, rather than expressing dismay that I hadn't been there at the exact second they had wanted to talk to me. They've done that before. I'll come back from a day off and someone will invariably say, "Why weren't you here? I needed you!" It's hard not to say, "I wasn't here because I don't live to serve you, thanks." But everyone was very sympathetic yesterday, and I managed to catch up on the work I missed, so all in all, it wasn't too bad a day.

Sartorial: Being sick at work demands clothes that feel like pajamas but look like regular work clothes. Amy at BiblioMOMia told me once that she calls this being a "comfort ninja," because only you know how comfy you really are. It's like a comfort sneak attack. So I went with leggings, a loose cotton dress, and TOMS. Perfect for curling up in my office armchair to shut my eyes, which I definitely did just for a few minutes did not do in the middle of the day.

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