Thursday, September 1, 2011

Incredible Growing Skirt


Academia: Things I did yesterday: hiked across campus in the heat again, sprinted from my car to my house in a thunderstorm, went to the dentist, watched Project Runway at my sister's house (we DVR, so we're a few weeks behind). All in all, a pretty normal day.

Sartorial: I know this outfit bears a striking resemblance to my outfit from two days ago. It's not my most creative move, but both variations kept me cool on blazing hot days, and that's what matters in August. Also, this skirt has a tendency to grow as I wear it. It started the day at knee length, and ended up at this awkward midi length. And then my sister's dog jumped on me and got mud on it. So let me tally up: not super creative, varying length, and muddy paw prints. Yeah, I'm thinking this skirt probably won't make the trip out of the closet again for a while.

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