Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctor Football


Academia: Y'all, it's Sunday night as I write this, and my weekend was so good that I can't even remember what I did in this outfit on Friday. So why don't I tell you about my great weekend instead? Saturday was Football Day in this college town, which meant four great things: 1) tailgating, 2) seeing out-of-town family and friends at tailgating, 3) the weekly school-colors-and-mascot fashion show that passes us at tailgating, and 4) winning! And then tailgating afterwards. Really, tailgating is half the reason to go to a football game in the South. And then Sunday brought church, lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, and a new Doctor Who. Football and the Doctor in one weekend - what more could a girl want?

Sartorial: Well, like I said, I didn't wear this for any of the activities I just described, but I did enjoy wearing it for whatever I did on Friday that I can't remember. This shirt always makes me feel French, and therefore, 30% chicer than normal. And my ring is Italian - my grandfather brought the cameo back from Italy after World War Two and had it set in a ring for his mother - so I'd say that adds another 10% of chicness. Which is great, because after a weekend of sweating at the football game and harboring a not-so-secret crush on a fictional time-traveling alien, I need all the chic I can get.

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