Friday, August 12, 2011

All Day Dress

Academia: Today was commencement day! Yay! End of the semester! Yay! I'm blogging so late because we celebrated the end of this insane term by going out to dinner with Cary's parents and Brian, and then going to see The Help. I will have some more coherent thoughts about it later, but to sum up, it was very faithful to the book and I loved the book. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the term.

Sartorial: This is what I wore for commencement. I always try to dress professionally for work, but commencement is a chance to be a little dressier and more festive than normal. This dress makes me feel awesome about my body, and it's conservative enough for work-related events. I switched out the heels for flats for the rest of the work day and the movie, and I'm pretty sure I could have pulled off sandals too. Versatile is one of my favorite things for clothes to be.

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