Friday, April 1, 2011

In a Garden

Dress and necklace: LOFT outlet
Jacket: LOFT
Tights and shoes: Target
Earrings: Brian Moody

Cary has had spring break this week, and has been very busy and creative in our front yard. Where before, we had scraggly azaleas (the only ones on our street that wouldn't bloom), now we have a lovely arrangement of hydrangeas (my favorite flower), leafy things, and a birdbath. It looks like this:

Spring must be in the air, because I kind of went berserk with flowers and bright colors in my outfit today. I feel like I'm wearing the sartorial equivalent of our yard. It makes sense; my outfit made me happy, and the yard makes me happy. And having a husband who wants to garden makes me happy, because I don't like gardening. I do like looking at gardens though, so I'm very happy that we have one. And that I can dress like one too.

P.S. If you haven't checked out my friend Brian's Etsy store, you should. These pretty blue pearl earrings I'm wearing are his, and he has tons of pretty, funky jewelry to sell. I promise Brian isn't paying me to say this, other than to lend me the jewelry. If anything, I should be paying him, because he helped Cary with the garden, fixed a broken necklace of mine, helped us paint our kitchen cabinets a few months ago, and is currently in my kitchen cooking dinner. I'm thinking of becoming a polygamist so I can marry Brian and have him move in and make jewelry and dinner forever.

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  1. I love those purple tights!! Soo pretty!! <3

    Monique xx


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