Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, Part 1

Blouse: LOFT
Blazer: Gap
Jeans: Levi's 545s
Shoes: Rack Room
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklace: Inherited from Cary's grandmother

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We're actually celebrating on the 18th at Academia Sartorial, because Cary had to move his classroom over the weekend. As in, all the books, all the furniture, all the charts and maps and word walls got moved between Friday after school and this morning. In deference to how exhausted he is today, we're postponing until Friday, when we are getting away to a seaside town not too far from here and having a romantic weekend there. We've never really had a fancy romantic weekend before (our honeymoon was accidentally at a family resort and on our other trips, we've stayed in cheap hotels or hostels), so we're excited for this. I can't wait!

Even though Cary and I are not quite in celebration mode yet, I wanted to wear valentiney clothes today. Part of the fun of teaching international students is getting to play up cultural celebrations, so I wore my frilliest red blouse and brought candy for all my students. I then proceeded to eat my own weight in leftover chocolate and am now feeling kind of squeezed into these skinny jeans. Oh well. I also got to wear the faux suede and rosettes shoes I was talking about yesterday. I love these; they're so fun and girly. Cary says it looks like my shoes are wearing little hats, which tickles me every time I think about it. Overall, I felt very romantic in this outfit, but still professional. Perfect for Valentine's Day at work.

My valentine and me :)


  1. I really like that shirt. The ruffles are so fun and cute!


  2. Thanks! Would you believe it was on sale for $7? I've gotten waaaay more than $7 worth of wear out of it!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Vday, loved the outfit, looks like valentine's day but not over the top, cute!


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