Saturday, January 29, 2011

Local Safari

T-shirt: LOFT
Jacket: LOFT
Jeans: Levi's 545s
Shoes: Converse
Purse: Gift from my sister, via e-Bay
Necklace and earrings: Family heirlooms

I'm not sure if I will always post on Saturdays, but I had to do a work thing today, so I think this falls into the category of "academic wear." Part of my job is to supervise groups of students who come to the US for short-term study abroad programs, and today we took a group to see some local wildlife and then for a barbecue. The wildlife part of the day involved a lot of walking, so I needed to be comfortable, and winter days this far south start 35 degrees and end up 70, so I needed layers. Besides all that, I overslept and had zero time to get ready, so I fell back on one of my favorite t-shirts, comfy jeans, and my well-worn Converse All-Stars. I felt good in this, so I think it worked. My husband Cary took these pictures as I was running out the door. I think we spent approximately 30 seconds on pictures. Some days are like that, even in Australia (name that children's book!).

A word about the necklace. Cary asked me before Christmas if there was any one piece of jewelry that I was missing, so I told him that I didn't have a long pendant necklace. He mentioned to his mom that he was looking for one for me, and she offered this one, which belonged to her mother and was one of her favorites. I was so touched that she gave it to me that I wore it pretty much every day for at least two weeks. I'm really blessed to have such an awesome mother-in-law.

Finally, some pictures of what I got to see today. Even though I live here, I'm still amazed by what nature has to offer.

One of about 50 that we saw

You can't really see them well, but these are wild horses.

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